Bitdefender Antivirus 2020 Review

Bitdefender Antivirus

In the year 2020, Bitdefender is one of the most effective antivirus to apply if you were to set user-friendliness and versatility first. It is dependable , fast and quite sensibly priced. Nevertheless, when measured with some of the bests like Norton and Kaspersky, it’s not as good when faced with the modern-day threats. In addition to that, its mobile and Mac application are fairly limited, not to mention it only covers the entry-level plans  for Windows OS.

I’m not saying that Bitdefender is a horrible antivirus product, its not , it is actually far from that. But still in the market for the finest possible security, you might want to look somewhere else.

Bitdefender antivirus in 2020: Pros and Cons

I’m going to try and show you the strong and weak sides of this antivirus first before I’ll go any further to talk about its malware protection, pricing packages, the list features, and more. Similar to its competitors, Bitdefender has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Decent anti-malware protection
  • Free trials for all available plans
  • Very straightforward, easy to navigate
  • Have good extra features
  • Bids a reliable VPN
  • Below average system impact
  • Secure home users and businesses


  • Not as remarkable in the third-party lab test as the leaders
  • Further expensive compared to closest competitors
  • The entry-level packages only protect the Windows OS

Bitdefender Security Features

The #1 concern of any antivirus solution is the protection against all impending attacks. You can get to a long list of features with the Bitdefender antivirus , including webcam protection, a VPN, parental control, a firewall and password manager, to show a few. One of the important taes here is that, this antivirus perform quite well in various third-party lab test.

Nowadays , its hard for you to actually be fully secured without advanced anti-phishing and anti-malware modules. Safe online, encrypted storage and anti-tracking also play an important role in keeping cybercriminals at bay. Before we’ll discuss about the extra features and have alook at the independent lab test results, lets first have a look at how Bitdefender performs against the most common threats.

Malware Protection

As listed as a top-10 antivirus, Bitdefender implements countless enhanced anti-malware protection systems. Primarily, it has a scanner that looks for any kwon threats included in the database that operates 24/7.  This “conventional” scanner is backed up by a termed “heuristic” monitor. This module identifies behavioural signs and takes a unique approach to virus detection and elimination.

Each time a fresh potentially malicious file is discovered, it is automatically uploaded to the company’s servers. As soon as an update is prepared, it is sent to every single Bitdefender customer around the world. Overall, 500+ million systems are running this antivirus program. A side note: you can turn it off at any time, if you don’t like the idea of a third-party app collecting data from your device.

The same is true for virtually every feature of this product. Just go to Settings, choose a features/module you don’t like, and shut it off. Plus, the antivirus software will eliminate any pop-ups when the users switch to a Gamer or Movie mode.

Lastly, Bitdefender incorporates a rescue environment feature. It utilizes a concealed segment on the hard drive (or SSD) to dispatch a full sweep of the framework and battle malware while being undetected. Most of antivirus arrangements suggest downloading this module on a CD or USB drive, yet with 2020 Bitdefender, you can dispatch the full scan from the principle dashboard.

Of course, it should only be used when the program can’t eliminate infection with real-time and offline modules.

Phishing Protection

With regards to phishing assurance, Bitdefender is among the pioneers. With industry-leading outcomes in third-party lab tests, you can have confidence that this antivirus will shield you from fake sites, malicious links, login-password key stealers, and the various rising threats. In such manner, it is nearly comparable to Kaspersky, ESET, and McAfee, predominantly because of real-time analysis.

Here’s the way phishing works: it exploits the client’s heedlessness and fools them into visiting counterfeit duplicates of genuine websites. In numerous cases, these fakes have an wrong URL, at the same time, once more, most users basically don’t focus on that. Also, the subsequent they enter their accreditations (say, in the malevolent copy of PayPal), the crooks gain admittance to their financial balances and take their cash (or delicate information).

Presently, these fakes are constantly being blocked and boycotted, however the programmers make new destinations and keep benefitting on confiding in users. A strong enemy of phishing module uncovers phishing sites and cautions the user(s) against visiting them. Nonetheless, many rising phishing assaults are excluded from any rundowns, and that is the reason you need a main antivirus to ensure you against new dangers.

Bitdefender’s Online Threat Protection (OTP) depends on the boycott database as well as executes ongoing examination to identify zero-day assaults. In our in-house tests, OTP identified 99/100 false pages. In any case, it falls somewhat behind the pioneers – Kaspersky and McAfee. It is vital: Bitdefender Free just recognized 91/100 dangers, as it utilizes an alternate way to deal with managing phishing.

Firewall Web Protection

It’s difficult to imagine an advanced enemy of malware program without a firewall. The one included with Bitdefender is basically equivalent to in other famous antivirus arrangements. It works day in and day out in a completely programmed mode and obstructs every approaching assault when you’re on the web. Besides, it chooses which applications are protected and can be permitted to associate with the Internet and which aren’t.

What’s additionally fascinating is the Network Threat Prevention (NTP) module. It works alongside OTP, be that as it may, from numerous points of view, it goes about as a propelled firewall. It has just one employment: to discover vulnerabilities and security “openings” in the OS and the different applications introduced on the client’s gadget.

Exploit protection is all the more a decent expansion to an antivirus suite, instead of a fundamental segment. All things considered, while Bitdefender blocked just 45% of our planted examples, Norton, the pioneer, figured out how to distinguish up to 85%.


Spam Filter

This module does precisely what its name recommends. It channels spam, getting any conceivably malevolent email and connections far from the client. Is anything but an especially propelled highlight and just gives fundamental assurance. All things considered, during our tests, we were intrigued by its adequacy: the spam filter blocked over 90% of the planted examples.

With respect to the level of bogus positives, it just hailed one percent of genuine messages, which is a dependable outcome. The uplifting news is – you don’t need to do anything for this channel to work. It’s consequently empowered in Bitdefender and is dynamic day in and day out. You can make blacklist and whitelists, mark explicit sorts of email, and “adjust” the module exactly as you would prefer. While that is not noteworthy regarding the list of capabilities, as we just stated, the recognition rate is well better than expected.

Bitdefender Webcam Protection and Microphone Filter

In 2020, webcam hijacking is perhaps the greatest danger. By getting to the webcam on your scratch pad, tablet, or phone, lawbreakers can watch you from the opposite side without you in any event, knowing it. Bitdefender’s Webcam Protection module figures out which applications on the OS can approach the webcam. The client can decide to square explicit projects, programs, and even mood killer the camera for good.

It is the means by which it works: at whatever point an application that doesn’t have authorization to get to the webcam endeavors to do that, Bitdefender in a split second advises you. Concerning the Microphone Filter, it works correspondingly however is centered around the receiver as opposed to the camera. Tragically, the degree of control is a lot of lower: you just get cautions and can’t set up any principles. Be that as it may, since most opponents don’t have any channels for the mic, this element merits our applause.

Parental Control

These devices have just one undertaking: to shield your children from getting to express substance on the Internet. Bitdefender’s Parental Control incorporates a sensible line-up of highlights for observing (and controlling) what your youngster can see on the web. Confining application use is one of the most valuable highlights. Furthermore, you can square sites by content, turn off different gadgets (like a Smartphone), and set up day by day cutoff points of gadget use.

This is finished with two or three ticks. You don’t need to be a specialist to enact Parental Controls. The portable application for Android permits guardians to screen who the youngsters speak with through SMS messages and calls. Blocking calls is likewise a choice. The application leaves a great deal to be wanted, however: more often than not, it doesn’t work appropriately and sets an inappropriate squares and confinements.

Along these lines, be cautious with the Bitdefender antivirus Parental Controls, on the grounds that during our survey, it hindered a test telephone, and we were unable to try and walk out on. Premium, the higher level, incorporates cyberbullying discovery, address demand, and different additional items. In any case, once more, it’s a defective component.

Password Manager

Bitdefender’s Wallet is acceptable at putting away passwords, logins, touchy information, and charge card certifications. Also, it’s equipped for connecting and synchronizing these passwords, permitting you to get to your records through any gadget rapidly. In the course of the most recent few years, the Wallet hasn’t changed. It despite everything can’t work with 2-page login frameworks and isn’t as noteworthy as some matching secret key director instruments.

However, as a passage level module, it’s very valuable and simple to utilize. What’s more, when you make another record, Wallet’s secret word generator can rapidly create a solid (15-character) secret phrase which incorporates numbers and letters. Empowering extraordinary characters will make the secret word significantly progressively dependable. The absence of 2-factor verification, programmed secret phrase refreshes, and secure qualifications sharing despite everything makes it a beneath normal administrator.

Bitdefender VPN

A Virtual Private Network is a safe server that you can interface with and transform into an advanced shadow. At the point when initiated, a VPN forestalls government specialists, programmers, and even the ISP from observing your movement on the Internet. While Bitdefender’s VPN isn’t close to as great as ExpressVPN or CyberGhost, as a piece of the antivirus suite, it’s entirely conventional.

With it, you can watch your preferred shows on different gushing stages, download downpours, and unblock access to geo-limited sites. The most elevated Bitdefender level gives boundless VPN use. The more affordable levels limit traffic to 200MB information every day, which is better than what most opponents offer.

Anti-Tracking Features

Anti-Tracker is a program expansion, and it’s accessible for Chrome as well as for the Internet Explorer and Firefox. At whatever point you visit a site that is loaded up with different trackers, Anti-Tracker cautions you about them in the upper right corner. You can see the specific number of advertisement trackers (the equivalent is valid for Avast’s Online Security).

The implicit Do-Not-Track module naturally obstructs each and every tracker it distinguishes – that is the thing that it does as a matter of course. In any case, you can generally change the settings and, state, keep it from handicapping explicit advertisement classifications. As referenced, the Anti-Tracker is fundamentally the same as other program augmentations and is comparable to every one of them. A snappy note: while a few promotions are known to be innocuous, the vast majority of them are simply irritating and increment site page load times.

Safe Files – Ransomware Protection

By encrypting basic documents on your gadget, ransomware requests installment for decoding. Something else, your work will be incapacitated, and you won’t have the option to get to those records (or even the OS overall). Safe Files, Bitdefender’s ransomware insurance module, obstructs any unapproved adjustments of information, applications, and organizers in the most vulnerable places. Those incorporate Documents, Videos, and Pictures.

With it, you can hand-pick extra areas that ought to be secured. At whatever point an obscure and conceivably vindictive program endeavors to alter a document/envelope under this current module’s insurance, Safe Files in a flash alarms the client. Ransomware Remediation, a pristine Bitdefender include, consequently makes reinforcements of significant records at the trace of an expected assault.

Bitdefender SafePay – Online Banking Protection

SafePay is a profoundly secure work area that consequently dispatches when you associate with a financial site. It is fundamentally the same as Bank Mode (Kaspersky) and gives an extra layer of assurance. Secret phrase, login, and Mastercard number robbery is a major danger in 2020. That is the reason you ought to consistently utilize safe situations like SafePay when signing into your records.

Obviously, it incorporates a sheltered program, and all activities go through it. The work area doesn’t have any associations with your genuine work area – that gives block solid assurance against keyloggers. On head of that, SafePay has a virtual console that makes it practically unthinkable for keystroke-taking malware to meddle with your web based banking.

We likewise suggest running the VPN at whatever point you actuate SafePay for improved insurance. You can never be excessively cautious during web based banking.


Bitdefender Lab Tests

In case you’re searching for perfect security against cutting edge dangers, go for Kaspersky, Norton, or Trend Micro. As we said before in this Bitdefender survey, it lingers behind the pioneers as far as malware security yet is as yet a solid choice. For instance, in the latest AV-Test assessment, it figured out how to distinguish 100% of the broad malware. In the zero-day assaults test, in any case, it just distinguished 98.8% of the dangers.

Bitdefender additionally had three bogus positives. While this is certifiably not a shocking outcome, contrasted with the pioneers, it’s not as acceptable (they didn’t have one single bogus banner). In the AV-Comparatives test, Bitdefender effectively identified and disposed of 99.99% of the planted noxious examples. It is extremely near the Kaspersky result (100%) and better than Norton and Trend Micro (99.6%).


Our group of specialists additionally ran a progression of tests and affirmed that while this is a best 10 antivirus arrangement, it’s not the best single out the market.


Bitdefender Products: How Much Does Bitdefender Cost?

Alongside malware security and the list of capabilities, the expense of an antivirus is the #1 worry for the normal client. Bitdefender isn’t the most reasonable arrangement available. Simultaneously, it’s more sensibly valued than many matching items. Let us investigate the current sticker prices for all the accessible Bitdefender bundles:

We energetically suggest checking the costs on the official site before focusing on any of these bundles. The explanation – antivirus organizations continually change their valuing arrangements. Additionally, you may luck out and get a markdown, similar to a half off arrangement for the main year of membership.

Bitdefender Free Version

With the free version of the Bitdefender antivirus, you get center insurance against malware and programmed refreshes. That makes it one of the most unassuming free antivirus items available. For instance, Kaspersky free additionally incorporates Secure Connection (the organization’s VPN), secret key administration, security cautions, and record check.

It’s essential to state that Bitdefender free is just accessible for the Windows OS. The Mac clients can just expect an infection scanner that sweeps hand-picked documents/organizers just as the whole OS. The Android application is more best in class and, alongside malware insurance, likewise gives cloud examining. In any case, contrasted with the Win version, it’s not close to as powerful.

On the splendid side, Bitdefender offers free preliminaries of each and every paid bundle. Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security, and Premium Security are accessible with a 30-day free preliminary. It is all that could possibly be needed opportunity to test the product(s) on your gadget and see whether you need to redesign or not. Generally speaking, Bitdefender free is a decent beginning stage before you overhaul, yet it falls behind Kaspersky, Avast, and other driving items.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020

It is the passage level paid Bitdefender bundle, and with it, the organization offers a somewhat restricted rundown of fundamental highlights. The greatest drawback of this bundle – it’s just accessible for the Windows OS, much the same as the free version. It’s generally reasonable, at the same time, contrasted with comparatively valued items, is somewhat less element pressed.

Here is the thing that Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is useful for:

  • Real-time security – forestalls malware of various sorts from tainting your gadget. The antivirus motor works every minute of every day, offers not too bad assurance against ransomware.
  • SOB (Safe Online Banking) – a protected domain that forestalls cybercriminals from taking your qualifications. We’re looking at banking data (like login-secret phrase for your ledger) that programmers take and gain admittance to your cash/delicate information. Cry works successfully against keyloggers and, well, takes into account safe banking on the web.
  • Password Manager – safe stockpiling for every one of your passwords and logins. Aside from connecting and matching up the entirety of your accreditations, it likewise assists with concocting hard-to-split passwords.
  • VPN (restricted) – a Virtual Private Network for concealing your online movement. With Antivirus Plus, VPN utilization is constrained to 200MB every day. Indeed, this isn’t sufficient for torrenting or watching appears on spilling stages (like Netflix). Be that as it may, for online exchanges, as far as possible will be all that could possibly be needed. We strongly suggest initiating the VPN when utilizing an open system, as it’s useful for Wi-Fi security.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2020

The subsequent level is more component stuffed, and, as per official insights, is one of the most famous Bitdefender bundles. In any case, despite the fact that it’s a paid bundle, Internet Security isn’t accessible on Mac, iOS, or Android (simply like Antivirus Plus). The main upheld stage is Microsoft’s Windows, which puts Bitdefender well behind contenders like Kaspersky, Norton, Avast, and others.

With respect to the additional highlights, here’s the full rundown:

  • Parental Controls – as referenced prior, these instruments are utilized to control and cutoff the substance that is accessible on your children’s gadgets. For monitoring their movement web based, restricting their gadget use, and obstructing certain sites and projects (applications), the Bitdefender parental controls are a decent pick.
  • Firewall – arrange traffic filtration. The firewall controls which applications gain admittance to the system and searches for any gaps in the working framework (or the system) that can be abused by cybercriminals.
  • Webcam + Microphone Protection – no cutting edge client needs outsiders to watch him/her through the webcam or to listen stealthily on private discussions. That is the reason this webcam-mic insurance module is so significant. It permits you to hand-pick which applications can get to the webcam and the mic and even mood killer these gadgets totally.
  • File Encryption – an additional layer of security for the most basic records and envelopes.
  • File Shredder – ideal for disposing of undesirable records for good.

Bitdefender Total Security 2020

Climbing the “package ladder,” we have Bitdefender Total Security, an item that can cover each and every gadget you own. Contrasted with Antivirus Plus and Internet Security, TS has one major bit of leeway – it’s completely perfect with Win, yet in addition Mac, Android, and iOS. It incorporates all the highlights from the past bundles and includes four additional items.

The Total Security clients gain admittance to the accompanying modules:

BTD (Behavioral Threat Detection) – continuous observing of every single dynamic program on the OS. At whatever point something strange/dubious begins to occur, BTD makes prompt move.

Anti-Theft – permits you to bolt a taken/lost gadget remotely. It likewise assists with following the gadget and to discover it before the criminals figure out how to take anything significant.

One-Click Optimizer – Bitdefender’s check up apparatus. It helps by and large framework execution and disposes of superfluous garbage.

Photon – a propelled advancement instrument that further improves execution and opens up RAM and CPU power.


Bitdefender Premium Security 2020

The most costly level in Bitdefender’s line-up covers ten concurrent associations and incorporates each and every component accessible with the past bundles. Notwithstanding, except if you own this numerous gadgets and need each novel additional component, Premium Security probably won’t be the best pick for you. Notwithstanding, it’s a decent arrangement, and, with it, you’ll get:

Priority Support – plain as day: at whatever point you contact client assistance, your solicitation will be organized over the standard clients. It is genuine for telephone support as well as for the ticket framework. Client prioritization dependent on the bundles isn’t selective to Bitdefender, incidentally.

Boundless VPN Usage – Premium Security doesn’t have an every day limit on VPN traffic use. That implies you can uninhibitedly download the same number of deluges as you need and stream films and TV arrangement on your preferred gadget.

Bitdefender for Mac

For the Mac clients, Bitdefender offers three bundles to look over (rather than four bundled with Windows). Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, the passage level arrangement, costs equivalent to Bitdefender Antivirus Plus for Windows. What’s more, it’s just accessible for macOS. With it, you’ll get far reaching insurance against Mac-novel malware, adware, and spyware.

Include insurance for internet banking, security of sponsored up delicate records, and a low framework effect, and you’ll get a not too bad item. Web Security isn’t accessible for Macs. A for Total Security and Premium Security, while they are valued the equivalent, they’re not as highlight stuffed for Mac as they are for Windows.

The accompanying rundown incorporates each and every element accessible for the macOS:

  • Malware insurance
  • Phishing insurance
  • Network security
  • Safe Files – Bitdefender’s ransomware insurance module
  • Traffic Light (program augmentation that channels out possibly perilous substance. Actualizes AI that checks all connections before the client tails them)
  • Ad-blocking (clear as crystal: keeps advertisement pop-ups under control. This module additionally fights ruffians and toolbars, subsequently upgrading program execution)
  • Parental controls
  • VPN (information top contingent upon the bundle)
  • Anti-tracker
  • Time Machine Protection (keeps malevolent documents from encoding delicate information)
  • Advanced document encryption
  • Password administrator
  • Bitdefender Internet Shield (deals with all the security forms without the client’s contribution. Programmed identification and disposal of likely dangers)
  • Autopilot (an intelligent security counselor, a module that counsels the client on safety efforts, helping them to remain safe while surfing the web)

As referenced, regardless of whether you pick the most advanced Bitdefender tier – Premium Security – you won’t get the same number of highlights similarly as with Windows. Those additional items incorporate webcam/mic security, Photon, OneClick Optimizer, interpersonal organization assurance, and that’s just the beginning.

Bitdefender for Business

Bitdefender is accessible for home clients as well as for business, both little and medium-sized. The business arrangement is called GravityZone, and it tends to be facilitated by Bitdefender, just as introduced locally. Regardless of which bundle you pick, multi-layered assurance, hostile to ransomware, and AI will be a piece of the arrangement.

Heuristics, hostile to misuse modules, gadget control highlights, and a ground-breaking firewall are considerably more GravityZone champion highlights. Generally speaking, there are six intends to browse. Those include:

  • Business Security. The passage level bundle is ideal for independent companies that are searching for a straightforward, yet reasonable answer for their organizations.
  • Advanced Business Security. Owners of average sized organizations should pick Advanced Business Security over the normal bundle. It gives greater security includes and is, in general, progressively dependable.
  • Elite Security. If you’re managing elevated level dangers and need to ensure your venture, Elite’s forceful (and profoundly successful) approach may win your trust.
  • Ultra Security.It is a coordinated endpoint insurance and EDR stage intended for cutting edge organizations. Much like Elite, this bundle targets distinguishing and taking out modern dangers.
  • Enterprise Security. Larger associations should pick Enterprise Security over different plans. It’s an adaptable item, which means you can include new highlights at whatever point you need.
  • Cloud Security for MSPs. Remote assurance of different gadgets (clients) from one single support – that is the thing that MSP represents considerable authority in.

Ease of Use

Beneath normal framework sway, moderately quick sweeps, and an easy to understand interface – that is Bitdefender more or less for you. Each and every significant component is close enough, and it takes one-two ticks to enact/deactivate a choice. There’s a green shield with a white imprint in the Bitdefender focal dashboard, which implies the framework is secure.

Speedy sweeps, the VPN, and SafePay are consistently on the principle screen. The various significant settings are situated on the left side in Protection, Privacy, and Utility. In our uninvolved presentation misfortune test, Bitdefender hindered the CPU by 15%, which is a superior outcome than, state, Kaspersky’s 18%. During a full sweep, we enrolled a 18% drop in execution, which, once more, is a generally excellent outcome.

For instance, the Kaspersky full sweeps have an over half negative impact on the CPU. McAfee’s Total Protection, thusly, has the most reduced generally speaking framework sway and hindered execution by +/ – 10%. With Bitdefender, a speedy sweep takes 2-3 minutes to finish. Full outputs are additionally amazingly quick: the underlying sweep takes 15-20 minutes. Back to back checks take even less time.

Bitdefender for Mobile Protection (for Android and iOS)

Proprietors of Android telephones/tablets will be satisfied to discover that Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android will cost them just 15 dollars every year. To run it, you’ll need a gadget good with Android 4.1 or higher. This is what it brings to the table:

  • Remote area/lock/wipe of an Android device. It is extremely helpful on account of a lost or taken device. By locking it, you’ll secure delicate information on the OS and keep the cheats from taking your passwords/logins.
  • Secure VPN. It accompanies the equivalent 200MB/day limit. It’s conceivable to move up to Premium VPN – that will cost $39.99 every year.
  • Account Privacy. Checks your email address (represent) breaks and sends alarms at whatever point dubious action is identified.
  • Low Battery Impact. Self-logical: enhances battery execution.
  • Web Protection.
  • Autopilot.

With respect to the iOS release, it costs the equivalent ($15 every year) except is somewhat unique. The rundown of accessible highlights incorporates:

  • Web security
  • Secure VPN(only 200 megabytes for each day)
  • Account break check
  • Full iPad support
  • To run it, you’ll need iOS 11.2 or higher


Guide: Bitdefender Installation and Setup

The establishment procedure is very easy to understand and clear. This is what you need to do:

  • First of all, pick a package that you like from the official site.
  • Next, pick an payment method (Credit Card, PayPal, or 7-Eleven/ACE).
  • Once you’re through with installment, you can download the establishment record.
  • We suggest downloading the free trial and just paying for a bundle once the preliminary is finished.
  • Installation doesn’t take long. We tried it on a few distinct gadgets and working frameworks. By and large, Bitdefender takes under 10 minutes to introduce.
  • The organization requires its customers to make a record, yet it just takes one moment to proceed with that.
  • To activate the product, you should simply enter the code that you got on your email – that is it.
  • After the product is introduced, you’ll be invited by the principle dashboard.
  • The antivirus begins to work automatically, which means you won’t need to set anything up physically for it to be compelling against malware.

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