Alienware M15 R2 2020 Review

My first Alienware PC was generally the size of a industrial carrier. Alright, perhaps that is a misrepresentation. In any case, it was just about 2 inches thick and had bezels so wide the screen appeared as though it was in an image outline. It was anything but an especially alluring machine. What it needed style it compensated for in power, at the time at any rate. Nowadays, my cell phone presumably has more graphical strength than my old machine.

Alienware has consistently been interchangeable with executioner gaming execution, over-the-top structure, and—let’s face it—over-the-top valuing. Be that as it may, the past M15 PC introduced another structure language for the Dell-possessed organization, and it was a much needed development. Gone were the ultrathick sections of plastic. Alienware’s more up to date items are slimmer, lighter, and increasingly downplayed. These are gaming PCs you wouldn’t fret removing from the house. The M15 R2 is the subsequent cycle, and it enhances the first in a couple of key ways.


The M15 R2’s outside plan is practically indistinct from the first M15, and that is something to be thankful for. It looks incredible! It’s slimmer and more sharp than most gaming PCs, also nearly progressively unpretentious. There are “gamer” feel, yet they’re not oppressive. Simply some LED lighting around the back grille, under the console, and the little outsider logo on the top. It’s ideal to see a gaming PC clad in hues other than red and dark.

The case itself is covered in a white delicate touch material, with certain components of reflexive or matte dark plastic. It’s a smooth plan that helps me a piece to remember the reflexive stormtrooper protection in the new Star Wars films (disgrace they just made two, right?). It’s hard not to like. PCs are all around exhausting. They’re either dark and dim square shapes or overwhelmed dark on-red behemoths clad in so much superfluous plastic it resembles they’re cosplaying a mech suit from a ’90s anime.

The M15 R2 is nothing from what was just mentioned. It’s a gaming PC that is really a la mode, a height of an exemplary stylish that is as yet fun and lively.

Alienware M15 R2 Review A Powerful Gaming Laptop


I tried the completely kitted-out M15 R2, with a Nvidia RTX 2080 illustrations card, 16 gigabytes of RAM, an Intel Core i7-9750H processor, and a 1080p presentation with a 240-Hz invigorate rate. It’s one of not many gaming PCs with the ability to really get games to the 240 casings for every subsequent you have to capitalize on this sort of show.

Tragically, it doesn’t show up the 240-Hz model we tried is ready to move any longer. (You can at present get it at 60-Hz). In any case, the cutting edge form, the M15 R3, just showed up with a blisteringly quick 300-Hz screen.

By and by, ongoing interaction on the R2 is past liquid—it resembles Quicksilver. Each game is made hyperreal by that ultrafast revive rate, and everything is luxuriously itemized by the amazing equipment. Be that as it may, ground-breaking equipment accompanies an overwhelming cost.

Battery Life

Like we all nowadays, the M15 R2 has short battery life. I’m scarcely ready to get three hours of ordinary work out of a solitary charge without turning all the force settings to their essentials and turning on battery saver. That RTX 2080 is a force hungry beast. Simply utilizing it for 60 minutes in length Zoom call with an outside webcam slices the battery life down the middle.

There are different workstations with this illustrations card, and this sort of battery life isn’t exceptional yet it’s as yet not incredible. I ought to get at any rate four or five hours of standard, ordinary, spreadsheets-and-Google-Docs sort of work out of a solitary charge.

It’s additionally uproarious. Amazingly boisterous. In any event, when I’m only doomscrolling on Twitter, the fans are buzzing like little stream motors. Under substantial burden, you can hear them kick up and persuade sufficiently uproarious to be problematic except if you’re wearing earphones. In any case, those fans are working diligently and work superbly of keeping the PC cool. The inward fans and warmth sink direct warmth away from my lap so I’m not moving like clockwork when my thighs catch fire.

My survey unit includes an inherent Tobii eye tracker. When it’s set up and adjusted, it can monitor what you’re taking a gander at on-screen. So you can move your cursor with simply your eyes and keep the PC wakeful insofar as you’re taking a gander at it. There are a few games that help the tracker, however there aren’t any executioner utilizes for it at this time.

On head of that, it’s somewhat of a battery hoard. All things considered. More in case you’re not utilizing the consideration based rest and wake highlights. Watching out for your, well, eyes, is obviously power-serious.


As it’s on the bigger side of 15 inches, the M15 R2 isn’t the most versatile PC. The additional cooling in the back broadens the profile a piece so it’s a tight fit in packs intended for standard 15-inch PCs (like the Dell XPS 15). The surprising profile makes this PC amazingly stable on my lap. More slender, lighter gadgets regularly wobble a piece, however that is not an issue here.

Ground-breaking equipment combined with a ultrathin (assuming wide) profile, makes the Alienware M15 an extraordinary semi-convenient laptop. It probably won’t be your bistro friend or the sort of PC you bring to a gathering (at whatever point we wind up having those in person once more), however it’s a sublime work area substitution. It’s for the most part been my ordinary PC all through my testing.

I’ve been utilizing it connected to the divider and snared to a ultrawide screen, just as an outer receiver and webcam. (The inherent webcam doesn’t bolster Windows Hello for simpler and progressively secure sign-in, which is a disgrace.) at night, in some cases I’ll get the charger and set up on the lounge chair to pound out a portion of my week after week missions on Destiny 2. It’s a decent daily schedule, and I value utilizing a similar stage for gaming that I accomplish for work.

This is, for me, the perfect use case for workstations with adequate measures of strength however negligible battery life. It’s costly, yet the Alienware M15 R2 exceeds expectations in this job.

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